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I love the smell of leather in the morning!

No post today – yesterday was my birthday and I’m still sleeping it off. But don’t worry! Starting next week we’ll be kicking off COWBOY MONTH: all the ass-less chaps, jingling spurs, sweat-lathered animals and testosterone-crazed men you can shake a stick at. There will probably be some ladies hanging around doing lady-things, too. Sex also! Can I get a YEEHAW?


No post this week!

Sorry, no Recap this week. I’m spending quality time with my family and making sweet, sweet tummy love to a harem of sultry, soft-bosomed turkeys.

In fact, I’m calling this whole weekend “research” for my as-yet-unpublished novel (unwritten, too!) in which a virile but emotionally stunted playboy and a sweet virginal young heiress spend a wicked holiday weekend together, tearing into the tender flesh of a braised turkey with their teeth and smothering each other with mashed potatoes and gravy. I know what you’re thinking (“ew…” “that sounds sticky” “you’re a monster”), but the romance genre is lacking in the Thanksgiving department and I intend to fix that! I think we can all agree that Thanksgiving is inherently sexy, so I just don’t understand why no one has capitalized on this yet. (If you know of any sexy Thanksgiving romance novels, PLEASE TELL ME!)

Reginald: Pass the cranberry sauce my love. Also, your boobs. Prepare to be ravished!

Tabitha: Oh, Reg…! Take me! Yes! TAKE ME…to the dining room!

You’re welcome.

No Recap this week!

Sorry, folks – nothing new to see here this week. It’s my dude’s birthday on Monday and he and I and the dog are off in the woods for the weekend, hiking and camping and cooking over a fire and rubbing mud in each other’s hair and forcing each other to eat bugs. Because we are IN LOVE, duh.

In the meantime, check out this sweet-ass Recap from SBTB. Best part? Downton Abbey reference. Ohhhhh yeahhhhh!