Why do you hate romance novels so much?

Let me start by saying that I love romance novels. I really do! I love them. Though it may look like the rantings of just another asshole on the internet, Romance Recap is first and foremost a labor of love.

The thing is, loving something doesn’t mean you just ignore all of its faults. And, yeah, romance novels are not perfect. I’m the first person to defend them as valuable to anyone who tries to brush them off as stupid or inconsequential (don’t believe me? I went in a little bit of a rant here!), but that doesn’t mean they can’t be deeply problematic or downright disturbing. Many of them are! And why should you, as a romance novel fan yourself (I hope?), waste your time on those books? Here at Romance Recap, I read the crap so you don’t have to and we can all laugh together.

Plus, sometimes the books are really good! And then everybody wins.

But that’s just how things were, right? Sometimes the authors just didn’t know any better!

Yes, I realize many of the books I pick on are older and simply reflect the genre norms of their time (the 80s were particularly rapey), but I’m reading them now, in the 21st century, with 21st century feminist standards, and that’s my prerogative so whatever.

Where do you get the books that you recap?

Some I buy, some my friends give to me. I do not – repeat! DO NOT! – receive any books for free from authors or publishers.

I’m an author and you made fun of my book and that pisses me off! 

I’m sorry! I’m really, really sorry. It’s not my aim to be nasty or hurt anyone’s feelings. But look – I’m just one person and there are thousands – millions! – of people who disagree with me. Plus, let’s be honest here, you’re a successful romance novelist and I’m just a schmo with a blog! Who’s getting the last laugh?

What gives you the right to recap anything? What are your credentials? You’re a fraud!

I’m a writer, with an MFA and published stories and a chapbook and everything. I hope to someday write a whole bunch of romance novels but for now they live in my head. Also? It’s the internet? So I don’t need credentials.

You’re really nasty to these poor gentlemen! Why do you hate men? They’re just trying to love their women the best way they know how!

I don’t hate men, I just have high standards. Take my dude, for instance (his name pops up around here from time to time) – he’s pretty amazing! He manages to be totally secure in his manliness without needing to dominate me or crush my soul or be an asshole. We actually love each other. Someone should really write a romance novel about us, because we’re pretty rad.

I can’t believe you spoiled the ending! You’re the worst and I hate you!

I know, I know, this is kind of shitty of me. But it’s not like we don’t know from page 1 how it’s going to end: they get together! They fall in love! Usually this involves a wedding! Sometimes babies! It’s no secret. Also, in the interest of streamlining the recaps, there’s a TON of stuff I leave out, so even if you know the bare bones story outline you’ll still have a good time (or a bad time, depending) reading the novel.

You spelled something wrong. Also, your grammar sucks.

Moooooooom…stop it… 😦

I am awesome and want to send you books to recap!

Wow, that would be awesome! Email me and let’s work something out!



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