Monthly Archives: March 2012

Long, Tall and Tempted #2: Paper Husband

Oh boy, do I have a goodie for you! For novella #2, in this week’s installment of How I Learned to Stop Worrying About Being a Human Being And Decided to Just Go Ahead and Lower My Standards, we follow the burgeoning love story of Dana and Hank.

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Long, Tall And Tempted #1: Redbird


This little guy – I mean, BIG guy! Great big huge guy! So big! It’s a good size! – is more of a romance novella than a romance novel. It’s very short (no offense!!!!), but it comes in a collection of 3, all of similar length (which is fine!), so all together they give the appearance of being a regular-size book. Which is…fine. Look, frankly, it’s not very satisfying. OKAY I SAID IT, ARE YOU HAPPY NOW?!

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I love the smell of leather in the morning!

No post today – yesterday was my birthday and I’m still sleeping it off. But don’t worry! Starting next week we’ll be kicking off COWBOY MONTH: all the ass-less chaps, jingling spurs, sweat-lathered animals and testosterone-crazed men you can shake a stick at. There will probably be some ladies hanging around doing lady-things, too. Sex also! Can I get a YEEHAW?