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No Recap this week!

Sorry, folks – nothing new to see here this week. It’s my dude’s birthday on Monday and he and I and the dog are off in the woods for the weekend, hiking and camping and cooking over a fire and rubbing mud in each other’s hair and forcing each other to eat bugs. Because we are IN LOVE, duh.

In the meantime, check out this sweet-ass Recap from SBTB. Best part? Downton Abbey reference. Ohhhhh yeahhhhh!


Dante’s Ultimate Gamble

Continuing my trend of romance novel audiobooks here! This one was a book-on-MP3, as opposed to a book-on-CD…oooh, so technological! I listened to this during two legs of a bus trip to Washington DC and I’m going to be honest…I slept through a bunch of it. But I don’t think I missed anything too big? I mean, I never felt like I didn’t know what was going on. Maybe I didn’t fall asleep at all. Or maybe I did fall asleep, but my brain kept listening to the book and so when I woke up it was like I hadn’t really slept. Maybe my brain is specially wired to prioritize romance novels over real, restful sleep. (Is this possible? Sleep scientists? Want to weigh in here?)

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Marriage Most Scandalous

This one is really exciting! It’s my VERY FIRST romance novel audiobook! See, I had this long drive to do by myself and I’m kind of a wuss about driving long distances alone because I either start to fall asleep or I get really antsy or I just get BORED and I end up stopping, like, once an hour, to the point that even the dog is like, Jesus H…again?! So usually I just make a CD or ten CDs or load up the ol’ MP3 machine with music that I can sing along to at the top of my lungs, but ugh…that’s a LONG time to be singing. And then I thought, audiobook! And then I thought, ROMANCE NOVEL AUDIOBOOK!!!!! And that’s how this all came to be.

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Love’s Savage Embrace


Book Number 2 of the free, misfit romance novel collection! CHECK OUT THAT COVER, people. I mean, you can totally see why I bought it, right? He looks like a g.d. wolfman!!! Obviously, I needed it in my life. But anyhow, this doesn’t feel like a substantial book in your hand. It feels kind of short – so I thought, oh well maybe it’s straight-forward, right to the point, no messing around. Right? Well. Not right. In another genre you might call this novel “dense” or perhaps “twisty.” In the romance genre, however, I prefer to catalog this book as OMFG WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED WHAT THE HELL COULD POSSIBLYHAPPEN NEXT WTF ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!?!

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Indigo Nights

So a while back I went to this used book sale and right at the entrance to the sale there was this shelf of misfit books that nobody wanted with a big sign that said “FREE!” and on the shelf were a bunch of romance novels that looked AMAZING, if you know what I mean. I immediately lost my composure and started screaming and tearing my hair out and making a scene in this church basement while the sweet old ladies running the sale looked on and nodded knowingly to one another. What I wanted to do of course was fill my arms and my purse and my pockets and my boyfriend’s pockets and the trunk of my car with books glorious books, but I ended up demonstrating some real restraint and only grabbing four of the free books – which I think we can all agree is a feat of almost unbelievable selflessness. Of course I made my selections based entirely on the cover art and how much I thought the novels would enhance my quality of life.

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