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Dangerous Curves

I admit it, I have kind of bias against contemporary romance novels. For one, they can be a bit, I don’t know, dated in a way that historical novels aren’t. Also, let’s be honest, there tends to be less fodder for humor in contemporary romances. A lot of the heroines have their own things going on, they tend to be smart and independent and there’s a lot less pussy-footing around the Sex Question than there is in the historical novels (the answer is YES). Though, of course, Judith McNaught is the exception here…

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Runaway Hearts

This book had two things going for it: a plot invested heavily in horses and an educated heroine. Also, she’s “plump.” So three things. Hat tip to you, Katie Rose! Of course after last time I was nervous that maybe that horrific “riding” metaphor that I hate so much would turn up again, but thank goodness it didn’t. (Unless, you know, they were actually riding, in which case it’s not a metaphor. I like that so much better!) Plus there was science and stuff and even though that puts me right to sleep, at least it’s something new and different.

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A Pirate’s Love

I’m beginning to wonder: do I have some knack for selecting truly horrific romance novels to read or have the majority of romance novels jumped off the deep end? Am I just paying more attention to the infuriating plots and characters than I used to? Is my critical eye more attuned, less forgiving? Or do these books have some kind of psychic pull over me that leaves me helpless, unable to resist? Am I being punished?

Also, food for thought: “pirate’s” is an anagram for “rape-ist.”

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The Perfect Lover

After a short spell of reading “real” literature, I’m back on the scene. Or back in the saddle. Or back on the wagon. Or whatever you want to call it. Point being, I cracked open a romance novel and it wasn’t chock-full of rape and nastiness. In fact, it was most enjoyable. Well, the parts where they were going at each other like starving dogs after a filet were enjoyable. The rest – those boring filler pages where you learn things and get to know the characters, yawwwwwwn – was pretty skim-worthy.

Hint: this book (and the recap) is infinitely better if you think of it as THE PURRRRFECT LOVAHHHHH, said in a husky sort of moan. Seriously.

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