Monthly Archives: June 2011

The Cobra and The Concubine

After the utter grossness of My Dark Prince, I needed a proper romance to rinse my brain out. I picked up The Cobra and The Concubine at Half Price Books one day and it’s atypical cover (plus the title, let’s be honest) attracted me. Just a dude on a horse. No embrace. No lady in sight. No rippling pecs or glossy wind-blown hair. These things can either end up being really different and interesting or total failures…entertaining, in any case.
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My Dark Prince

So I finished My Dark Prince, the trashy romance novel I’ve been reading my lunch breaks. It was…hm. Not a very good book. Not in the slightest. Usually, though, even the really bad romance novels are pretty fun to read – good for a laugh at the very least. But this one…just bad. I’ll forgive almost any writing sins if a book delivers fun, campy romance; MDP couldn’t even do that.

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